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Don't get me wrong, it's not bad at all. It's just that this new X-Force title came charging out of the traps with such force that this second volume just feels a little bit slow. Nothing wrong with Mike Choi's excellent artwork too. It's just not in the same league as the dark, visceral and beautiful paintings of original artist Clayton Crain Crain does return at the end of this volume however. That was just pure filler. And the revelation of Eli Bard's backstory was both lame and dull at the same time. All this said though, I did rattle through this book in two evenings and will be buying volume 3.

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After the less than successful events of their first mission, X-Force is sent off after a villain from the X-Men's past, who seems to have gotten his hands on a strain of the Legacy Virus. To top it all off, Wolfsbane is still brainwashed and Archangel is still psychotic and Cyclops is beginning to think that the problems that X-Force is having may be more than they can handle internally, and he feels the need to call in some help from the students.

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And what does Selene have to do with the story? New plot threads leading up to Necrosha-X! Overall, not a bad second volume to this new series. I thought that this volume is much better than the first one. I'm not steeped in X-Men history, but I was able to follow the storyline much better, and there was more explanation given for example, why Angel turns into Archangel. I really enjoyed how Domino and X were portrayed here. Choi's art is amazing, and I think it fits the dark tone of the story perfectly. Anonymous More than 1 year ago.

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There's a truth buried deep in the heart of every war, and reporters Sally Floyd There's a truth buried deep in the heart of every war, and reporters Sally Floyd and Ben Urich will be there, uncovering that truth in the midst of the biggest conflagration in the Marvel Universe! In the wake of the Exiles Vol. See all 3 pre-owned listings. Buy it now.

Add to basket. Be the first to write a review About this product. Pre-owned Pre-owned. Compare similar products. You are viewing. Trending price New. About this product Product Identifiers Publisher. Show more Show less. No ratings or reviews yet. Sort order. Jun 10, Anne rated it it was amazing Shelves: read-in , graphic-novels , read-in , comics , marvel-unlimited. Now, I realize this series won't be for everyone but this was the comic that made me fall in love with X-Force. Whether or not you'll enjoy this as much as I do is contingent on a few things.

Ask yourself these questions: Do I wanna see X and Wolverine fuck up some bad guys? Do I wanna see Warren turn into a metal Angel of Death? Do I wanna see Domino do her badass Domino-y thing? If you answered yes any of these, then you need to get this book. Domino, Elixer, and a very reluctant Vanisher round out the team this time, as the X-Force goes on the hunt for the Legacy Virus.

Lots of Snikt! That whole storyline was a lot of fun, but the adding Vanisher into the mix really pushed it up a notch. At the same time, Proudstar is off learning the ways of the Force from Ghost Rider. But the demon bear has a secret of his own After everyone has been blown up one or twice, they meet up to compare notes. Turns out, Warpath now knows the identity of the mysterious Eli Bard.

Great stuff! View all 31 comments. Nov 26, Paul E. Morph rated it liked it Shelves: comics-read-in Not bad at all. I definitely preferred the artwork in this volume. There were a couple of story elements that made no sense, though, so I can't quite bring myself to give it four stars. View all 9 comments.

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Jan 18, James DeSantis rated it liked it. Ah the art got better, woot woot! So this one starts off more exciting than the last for me. Basically The X-Force are sent on a mission to retrieve a virus. While warpath faces off against a Yeah like a gigantic spirit bear. Listen, this is the X-men universe, get with it.

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With the X-Force team all working together and a new member, Domino, joining them, will they be able to successfully get the virus back or will it be too late? Good: I enjoyed the chemistry between the characters. The Ah the art got better, woot woot! They're all starting to come together. I especially thought Wolverine was funny in this one. The fights are also a lot easier to follow so more exciting here. Also how badass was that X moment? Yeah you know that moment. Bad: Uh Everything with him, the past, all that was just It took a little too much time in this book.

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With a upgrade in art, the fights being better, and the team coming together i'm starting to dig this a little more. Aug 06, Sesana rated it really liked it Shelves: comics , superhumans. Two volumes in, I'm really enjoying this series. I like the idea of a covert branch of the X-Men that does what needs to be done, however morally gray it might be. It's something that wouldn't have been done under Xavier. But he's gone now, and mutants are more on the defensive than ever. Obviously, the basic idea works really well for me. And the plot specifics in this volume are working, too. There's a lot of characters on the edge here, without being unlikeable.

And I'm liking how each volume Two volumes in, I'm really enjoying this series. And I'm liking how each volume so far has had one complete story, with threads enough left over to keep me eagerly reading. View all 3 comments. Jan 20, Arturo rated it it was amazing Shelves: xmen-divided-manifest-destiny. Archangel and Wolfsbane are having issues with each other.