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It was clear to me from the beginning …. This time the thing suddenly shook and a moment later instead of a living crocodile it took on the shape of a mummified beast of the same type. Where once brilliant green scales were carved up the length of the spine, now tapered and decayed wraps stood instead.

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Sakatha still stood but as some sort of undead monstrous copy of his original form. He wore a long gray cloak fringed with a floral arrangement on the collar of both the neck and sleeves, and his horse seemed small for his frame as the stirrups were so low that they almost dragged the ground. He stopped for a moment, pulled out a well tattered of parchment, and looked back over his shoulder towards the narrow path that led high into the peaks.

A broad smile, so genuine and happy that it seemed to cause even the birds to chirp with a little extra vigor, came across his face. He tucked the map back under the gray cloak, turned the horse to his left with a subtle movement of his hand, and began to follow the river downstream.

A few hours more and the mists of the mountain morning lay far behind him as he came to a river junction where another stream flowed from the north into the Frosty Run. In the distance the rider saw smoke from what must be the chimneys of a small town, he dismounted quickly, and stood next to the horse so that they were shoulder to shoulder.

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He rubbed the mane and neck of the beast with gentle motions of hands so enormously large that the horse appeared to be a small version of the breed. He stripped off his gray cloak and revealed a rather skinny frame considering the tremendous size of his hands and then pulled off a heavy chain shirt and the jerkin below it.

Within a few moments he was naked, his well-tanned and muscled body still yet to completely fill out.

He took three enormous strides towards the river, dove in with a great splash, and screamed out in pain and ecstasy as his body hit the cold mountain runoff. Ten minutes later, still swimming in the river with massive overhand stokes, he felt a presence and, with a look to the shore, spotted a young man near an eddy in the river with a small keg in his arms. The boy wore a heavy wool coat and deerhide pants that were worn and sturdy at the same time. If you enjoy the book please think about purchasing a copy.

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If you repost the torrent please include the descriptions and links below. Cover art by Raro:SummaryJon Gray returns along with his best friend Sorus Nightwalk as they travel to the newly freed island nation of Cawl in search of the Sword of Water. Directed by his enigmatic brother Valari, Jon arrives on the island and quickly finds out the king of the nation is off on a quest but a regent rules in his stead.

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With permission from Granatz the Black the two heroes set off towards the Central Mountain where rumors of the Sword of Water persist thousands of years after it legendarily ousted the great Fire Elemental twins Eleniak and Hezfer from their citadel. Events thrust the girl into the spotlight and suddenly she is a danger to the throne.

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Words: , Published: July 3, Rhia, Mike, and Marianne are once again called to rescue Tanelorn. This time from a foreign invasion. Can they gain the alliance of the Five Nations in time to save the Gray City? Published: May 15, Is life for a mercenary soldier simply a choice between adversarial sides?

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What if both sides are actually the same? Does the coin have another side?

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Volorious Gray learns that there are more choices than those in power would have us believe. The coin has two sides. Published: August 5, Beware those who say differently. Published: November 30, Anything, no matter how powerful, is a toy in the hand of a child.