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Initially, it is about preserving wealth with suitable stores of value and portfolio diversification to offset failing conventional investments. So far, the one accessible safe haven which has been in the headlines is gold, but there are other precious metals, particularly silver, and platinum.

Palladium's price is so distorted by shortages that any accumulation of it on monetary grounds is ill-considered. Investors who think the scenario outlined above is a real danger will exchange increasingly worthless fiat for a precious metal. It is never too late. The lacklustre performances of silver and platinum so far, as well as the general disinterest in mines extracting all precious metals confirms that the current phase of gold's bull market is only in the initial stage.

The initial stage of any bull market is driven by a loss of bearish momentum combining with accumulation into the safe hands of insiders and knowledgeable investors. The insiders today are not the conspiracy theorists, they are always there. The insiders in precious metal markets are the professional operators who detect a change in the market; those who are usually short and needing to cover, the central bankers who privately detect a change in long-term monetary trends, and those who have experienced and understood previous cycles of credit. For gold, this phase commenced with the end of the bear market in December The second bull phase, marked by the price break-out only five months ago, is only just getting under way.

This is illustrated in Figure 1. Now professional investors can be expected to get on board, and their interest is likely to be reflected in increasing portfolio allocations in favour of gold ETFs and mining shares. If investing history and investor psychology are a guide, silver and platinum will find now buyers as well, as these investors look for lagging alternatives to gold. Therefore, their prices should begin to reflect the monetary considerations that are already apparent in gold's performance.

According to Dow theory, which is the guiding light for all momentum investors, the third and final stage of a bull market still lies ahead and will see increasing public participation. For stockmarkets generally, it marks a final blow-off stage, with inexperienced investors being sucked into what must seem to them a sure-fire way of making money.

Before we arrive at that point, portfolio managers and other professional investors will continue to make the mistake of thinking gold, silver and platinum are simply investments. They are not. They are the sound alternative to unbacked government currency, and so long as they measure their performance figures in a fiat currency they are bound to persist in making this error. Demand for precious metals in physical form, and their physicality must be stressed, is primarily a reflection of a desire not to hold state-issued currencies, and depending on how monetary policies evolve, their use as money could be threatened absolutely.

That is for the future. Meanwhile, the market position indicates to those at the investment coalface who follow Dow theory that we are embarking on a second stage of a wider bull market in gold, and it is therefore time to get a market perspective not just on gold, but also the two principal metallic alternatives, silver and platinum.

Gold always has been and remains a monetary metal, with central banks recorded as owning 34, tonnes in their monetary reserves, an increase of 4, tonnes since It is sound money, with no counterparty risk, so for central banks it is an insurance against monetary failure of other currencies and against systemic failure generally. Assessments of above-ground gold stocks in an attempt to give us a post-fiat global quantity of sound money are always incorrect, partly because the true quantity of above-ground gold stocks is unknown, and because only gold held for monetary purposes are relevant.

By , GFMS's figures estimated the figure to be , tonnes, which included an estimate for above-ground stocks of 12, tonnes in , the year Columbus, as Fats Waller memorably put it, sailed the ocean blue. James Turk of Goldmoney with assistance from Dr. The reasoning can be found in Turk's paper, here see pages in particular.

Instead, Turk's estimate for the stock is tonnes in accordance with other research, and his estimate of subsequent production before is 3, tonnes less than the GFMS calculation. By end, working on subsequent estimates of annual figures for mine production [ii] though there is some variance between sources in my opinion the estimate published by the WGC at , Going on the WGC's figures for bars and coins held for investment and which we are entitled to assume are based on reasonably solid estimates, and adding in monetary gold declared by central banks, we have a total for gold classified as money of 75, But given that on Turk's figures and subsequent mine output estimates we are left with not , for non-monetary uses but , tonnes, future supply from scrap on rising prices will be significantly tighter than commonly thought.

This particularly matters in the context of the large quantities of gold substitutes in regulated and unregulated markets. Simply adding the three major markets, the London Bullion Market, Comex and the Shanghai gold futures, gives us the paper equivalent of 9,, 1, tonnes and tonnes respectively as at end-June the last date for which BIS figures are available. To these amounts of paper gold must be added an unknown quantity of unallocated gold accounts at the bullion banks, which are fractionally reserved.

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In an orderly market which has time to adjust to rising prices, it is not necessarily a problem and paper substitutes can survive. But when the origin of the new demand stems from a systemic and monetary crisis, the price effect is likely to be sudden, threatening the whole bullion banking system. Given the scale of the risks from an increasingly likely financial crisis, the relationship between gold and fiat money is now the most urgent consideration facing everyone owning or managing fiat-denominated financial assets.

Only, very few of them know it.

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When silver was the backbone of coinage, its purchasing power relative to gold for centuries was in the region of before Sir Isaac Newton, when he was Master of the Royal Mint, fixed it at The bimetallic standard he introduced was not a successful concept, because the preference for circulating money in the economy clashed with a trade settlement preference for gold among merchants. Eventually, the European countries on a silver or bimetallic standard moved to a gold only standard in , though silver still circulated in coinage, and the price of silver relative to gold fell substantially.

Since then, silver has been predominantly an industrial metal in the West, but it still circulated in the Middle East and elsewhere in the form of Maria Theresa coins as late as the earlys. According to the Silver Institute, total supply in was 1, Total physical demand including Additionally, net investment-related flows added a net As a mining by-product, silver's supply is strongly influenced by mine production of base metals, particularly lead, zinc, copper and gold.

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Consequently, the ability of mines to increase silver output to meet rising demand is very limited. Furthermore, in an economic downturn the output of base metals is likely to decline due to falling demand, reducing the supply of silver as well. The balance between declining mine supply and declining industrial demand will also be determined by their relative rates of decline. Annual bar and coin sales at In the event of monetary disruption, the potential for silver demand in these populous markets is enormous. India has been an important market, with a history of high levels of imports, even in relatively stable times.

Since the start of , India has imported well over a billion ounces. China has been India's largest supplier, and rising markets are also likely to reduce any surplus silver China may have for export, putting a squeeze on Indian supplies. As a producer, China ranks third as a mining nation, and is also a large consumer at Moz annually. Since investment demand for bars has been subdued in the wake of anti-corruption measures, a factor which has put negative pressure on global prices.

Annual investment demand in China by had fallen to 7. As monetary circumstances change and the price of gold rises, so should Chinese investment interest in silver. Demand is likely to come from ordinary savers in both jewellery form as well as for bar and coin. Thank you for visiting Daily Charme! We hope you have a great time looking at pretty nail art products. Big game fish are attracted to the wobbling flash of this popular spoon style. Gold Foil No.

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