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Modern European History to the present. Modern British History to the present. US History. Intellectual History. History of War. State and society in early modern Europe. Class topics will include: the military-fiscal state clientage and faction confessionalisation justice and the law government, economy and social change household order communication, propaganda and magnificence communication, representation and revolt.

The dawn of the global world, ideas, objects, connections.

Series | new approaches european history | European history after | Cambridge University Press

The Enlightenment, c. Modern political and social theory, c. Selfhood in History: to the present. Women's life writing and historical change in Britain and Ireland since War in the Modern World. Throughout the degree, students work towards a dissertation. Political culture in Britain, Ireland and the Atlantic world. Dr Perry Gauci. Tutor in Modern History.

Lincoln College.

The Enlightenment in Eastern Europe: Between Regional Typology and Particular Micro-history

Professor Bob Harris. Professor of British History. Worcester College. Professor Kathryn Gleadle. Professor of Gender and Women's History. Mansfield College. Dr Simon Skinner. Associate Professor of History. Balliol College. Professor Ian McBride. Foster Professor of Irish History.

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Hertford College. Dr Peter Thompson. Sydney L. Mayer Associate Professor of American History. St Cross College. Napoleonic empire. Professor Michael Broers. Professor of Western European History. Lady Margaret Hall. Women and childhood. Professor Christina de Bellaigue. Associate Professor of Modern History. Exeter College.

Professor Peter H. Chichele Professor of the History of War. All Souls College. Professor David Parrott. Ambiguities of the political public sphere. Opacity and transparency French political culture in the eighteenth century. Jansenism and the emergence of an oppositional public sphere. The politics of publicity. Secrecy and its discontents. Women in public enlightenment salons.

The Rise of the Public in Enlightenment Europe New Approaches to European History

The rise of the salon. Women and sociability in Enlightenment thought. Salon culture in eighteenthcentury Paris. The salon in eighteenthcentury England.

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Salons of Vienna and Berlin. Readers writers and spectators. Reading publics transformations of the literary public sphere. The reading revolution. Austrian History Yearbook , — This is also a counter-argument against the thesis of the interventionist absolutist state where reforms were directed and implemented only from the top down.

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On the development of the Bohemian commerce and industry see esp. Economic History Review , 12 1 : 34 — Economy, Industry and Society in Bohemia in the 17th—19th centuries , — 7. Prague : Univerzita Karlova. Carmina 4. Studies on Voltaire and the Eighteenth Century , — Raeff Raeff, Marc.

Journal of Interdisciplinary History

American Historical Review , 80 5 : — Brockliss Brockliss, Laurence. Munich : Beck. Grendler Grendler, Paul F. Since mathematical explanations did not take into account the quality or essence of reality just as Aristotelian science did, but simply measured it, they did not fit into its scheme.

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Walf Walf, Knut. Der Josefinismus und seine Geschichte. See Ducreux Ducreux, M. Translated by Lydia G. In this conception the prince was not responsible only to God and his conscience but was also contractually bound to his people, that is, to interests of his subjects.

Zlabinger Zlabinger, Eleonore. On his influence in the context of the Habsburg Monarchy and the bibliography on this topic see Grimm Grimm, Gerald.