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She had absolutely no understanding of how to get the best out of a very talented employee who has mental health issues. I was stopped from working at home, an important aspect to being able to manage my condition. I had unreasonable targets imposed, with no support offered to go about achieving them. My job was chopped and changed, hours cut and autonomy removed. I have been pushed back to the brink of suicide and had to go on antidepressants to simply survive.

One year of my life, and I will have to be reminded of it forever. Cat, 24, South Yorkshire People often mistake bipolar disorder as your mood rapidly changing from up to down. That would be my other illness, borderline personality disorder BPD or as my psychiatrist put it, emotionally unstable personality disorder. BPD makes your mood change within seconds and it is a strong mood swing. Like fire, it can destroy you and those around you.

Experiences of depression: 'It leaves you on the cliff edge of sanity'

With bipolar, the mood swing sort of creeps up on you. Every day it feels like I must wear a mask, however, hiding never did me any good with these illnesses. It just becomes more of a shock to those around you when the symptoms start to leak through. The overdose, which sent me into hospital, was one of the things.

When I was admitted into hospital the first time, I had psychosis — a female voice was constantly screaming in pain in my head. Catastophic nightmare still going on - jeanne klimowicz - Jan 25th I,ve read your article. Yes, my husband has been diagnosed by two doctors as being bpII.

The real story is that his original doctor has not diagnosed it yet. It has ben three years. It started with my husband being put on wellbutrin while he was in his inner most dark deoression Ist time on medicine. I found the bottle in his coat pocket.

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Well along with the welburtin, he hhad been put on Stratera for adhd. Wihin a few months, mu new house we built the past two years wentb up for sale, he filed for a divorce after I went to file to freeze the assets when my home went up for sale, he resigned from 3 director of social worker jobs within a year and a half, within a short period of time, He said someone stole the phone and made those calls, He was taking my 3 and 4 year old boys to canada on He actually has custody of my two boys now..

Decompensation bigTimE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a nightmare.

the courage to face my inner self bi polar disorder Manual

Weve got the attorney general in on this mess I am gioing to sue them all and I have started the complaint process this weekend. If you would love to write, I can surely apreciate your input or aide in comfort.. Please write my e-mail at jklimowicz3 verizon. Advice from a Bi-Polar - - Jan 25th It took a while for me to accept that I am Bi-Polar, but the sooner you face the facts the sooner you can get on with your treatment.

Do alot of research. Especially about medications and their side effects. Basically the Doc is just trying to find the right combo for you. I have had my disorder for about 14 years and the first 12 yrs I was basically self medicating on Paxil. Needless to say it took forever to get that out of my system.

Experiences of bipolar disorder: 'Every day it feels like I must wear a mask'

I'm sure some of you may know what it feels like to have the withdrawls if you miss a day or two of your meds. Keep a steady job that provides health insurance. Somedays I'd rather sit at home all week or go on some binge and I have lost several jobs. Now having a steady job is my number one goal towards my treatment.

Try to figure out your cycles. Relationships are almost impossible!!

Ask Carrie Fisher: my husband has been seeing prostitutes. Can I trust him again?

I think I have found someone that understands me and what I go through. Hopefully he will stick around. It is because of him that I have opened my eyes and figured myself out. One day I was really hyper, happy and talking so fast that I could hardly breathe. Then my next step is ususally some kind of poor me pitty party: I hate myself, I hate my life, etc. Get help. On a side note it can be very frustrating and hard to figure out what meds work for you. My big issue is weight gain. So I refuse to take anything that causes weight gain. Currently I take Wellbutrin and Topamax which are great for weight loss.

Not only is it difficult to live with a teenager but imagine one that is ten times more moody. They don't want me to leave. They don't want me to stick around either. Do what you can to make your life better, even if it means separating from them. There is good support 'out there'. Look for it!!!

Bipolar disorder (depression & mania) - causes, symptoms, treatment & pathology

At times I get sad , but often disgusted at the victim roles family members of a suffering mentally challenged person assume. I come from a "DNA challenged" family, my father a minister, my mother a control freak, prude, chronic liar and a master manipulator. Meanwhile my brother and I became accustomed to public humiliation from both parents in the presence of church members and anyone else who had the misfortune of crossing our paths.

Dad once introduced me, a female, as his 'eldest son'. If anyone dared to correct him we knew we were 'in for it'. As poor as we were, my parents always provided a clean home and simple but delicious meals. I am always grateful to them for that. Crying was a serious infraction.

My mother ALWAYS sat to one side giving a blow-by-blow account like a sports announcer of all the imagined or unintentional wrongs we had done. She spurred him on and I now believe she was the major perpetrator.

She never lifted a finger to protect us or let us forget any wrong thing we had done. As adults that description is only in years we kids fit the profile to a 'tee'. Three of us are struggling alcoholic misfits at 62, 61 and 55 years of age, and even at 21 years of sobriety in AA we remain socially inept no matter how difficult it is to move from the wall into a group of people with hope that we can succeed in fitting in.

The 'angel' is a full fledged, angry drunk with a sleep disorder who the parents favor for the expensive gifts she gives them and we are repeatedly compared to her. None of us were EVER bad children, but the pressure, harrassment from parents and other adults and school mates was unbearable. My life with bi-polar symptoms began when I was sixteen. I had a complete breakdown, a neighbor doctor gave me medications that my father immediately flushed.

We lied to protect ourselves when the truth would have been more acceptable. But, the truth would get us more in trouble. Despite my brothers, my sister's and my intelligence we failed miserably in school. To beat it all we became very successful in our jobs. I sought help from THREE doctors in the early 70's for my trouble, two said I should 'give my heart to Christ', the third literally kicked me out of the office 'because I wanted drugs' his words.

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I have been on medication since and though I cannot work and am incapable of maintaining a relationship with someone of the opposite sex, I finally have activities that please me, educate me and my art is satisfying. I am most often alone and have finally arrived at a place that in my tiny apartment I no longer mind "running into my self.

Isolation can be a friend and healer. My doctor and therapist understand the discription I make and I could never thank them enough for the kindness, empathy, support and encouragement they have given to me to become the courageous person I am. We work with my positives and not the negatives my family dwelt on. I have only two friends, they are enough and we are devoted to each other. I don't know why they love me the way they do, or shower me with thoughtful gifts.