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Politics of Deconstruction: Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak and Oscar Guardiola-Rivera in conversation

Google Books no proxy Setup an account with your affiliations in order to access resources via your University's proxy server Configure custom proxy use this if your affiliation does not provide a proxy. Configure custom resolver. Puspa Damai - - In K. Radhakrishnan eds. For Derrida. Hillis Miller - - Fordham University Press. Apparitions--Of Derrida's Other. Kas Saghafi - - Fordham University Press. Jacques Derrida - - Stanford University Press. Encountering Derrida: Legacies and Futures of Deconstruction.

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Peter Fenves - - In Tom Cohen ed. Cambridge University Press. Derrida on Deconstruction. Senior Honorary - forthcoming - Philosophy. Jacques Derrida's Aporetic Ethics. Marko Zlomislic - - Lexington Books. Derrida - - Critical Inquiry 15 4 Jacques Derrida's Legacy: Democracy to Come. Fred Dallmayr - - In K. Lo Imposible de la Muerte - de Jacques Derrida. Am I thereby anthropomorphizing Philia and Aletheia?

For example, does the animal hear the call that originates responsibility? Does it question? Moreover, can the call heard by Dasein come originally to or from the animal? Is there an advent [une venue] of the animal? Can the voice of the friend be that of an animal? Is friendship possible for the animal or between animals? Like Aristotle, Heidegger would say: no.

What can be done against the deafness, the prejudices, all the mechanisms that give support to the repression? Aristotle and Heidegger would say no. I can only say yes. Aristotle and Heidegger speaking in their languages and according to their codes and me in mine. And the cats? They are not given their tongue. Their language is not heard. Well, this is an error that comes close to being a sin and a transgression.

Yes, the animal subject responds and has the sense of responsibility. Yes, the call can come to the animal and from the animal. We who live with fellow animals, we live a life from which none of the signs attributed to the human is lacking; they are manifested by the perfectly receivable and translatable marks of other language. Our life is Shakespearian as much in the tragic as in the comic register. Our life as mortals does not have the same duration.

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The measure of separations and of distances is not identical, but neither is it from one human to another. What about Schuldigsein, the possibility of being guilty? I should write the passion according to Aletheia. Of course, I can write and they do not write; but, as Jacques Derrida says, writing is not limited to the tracing of pen on paper.

They trace, mark, set down otherwise: fault, witnessing, guilt, acting out, wretched reproach, unconditional forgiveness. They are my mirrors, the interpreters of the unconscious, the great tragedians as people used to say about Rachel or Sarah Bernhardt of my passions. To learn how to give food to the other, this is the rule and the secret of one must after all eat well, it is a law of hospitality. In truth, we share the need to share. To eat at the same time, to taste what the other likes to eat, to feast. You will hear my mother say that I am cooking for the cats.

This unequal division occurs only when I keep them in an exclusively human home, to which they adapt out of politeness. As soon as they have a home of their own, a piece of earth and of world, they cook for me. As for showing thanks, we do not fail to do so on one side or the other. And I am not projecting. They understand everything I say, and I think I understand what they say. The exchange can be compared to sign language.

It has to be learned. There is nothing inscrutable or surprising here. But I know I am preaching to friends who share my experience, at least philosophically, so I will stop.

I will say merely a few words about the call and about names that are said to be proper. In a name there is what can mark the destiny of every being. If Shakespeare has a will his wife Ann Hathaway see U, p. What Jacques Derrida owes to his letters, his names, his name fragments, his syllables, and thus what we owe to these magic combinations is incalculable.

What does one expect when one calls a dog Tatters? And my cats, when they received the names Philia and Aletheia, how could I not have expected that love and truth would turn the house into one big theater? Note that I did not purposely program their destiny; they received these names from a god who was not me. These things, directions, everything is sent, everything arrives, happens.

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What is a name? A phantom? What is a phantom? Shakespeare was a phantom in his lifetime, through absence and banishment. It takes a lot to call oneself, to say that one is oneself called Ou-Tis, Not-someone. How can someone be called no one? Ou-tis: not-someone. Whoever says, Who? Poor Polyphemus should have been suspicious of someone called no one.

Why are you screaming? Someone is taking your herd? Someone is killing you? And, what, who is killing me? The Chorus: Outis? No one? Against you, no force? How is one to defend oneself against a nameless force whose concept is inconceivable and thus all the stronger and more dreadful? And what a ram!

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Better at fraud than Freud, he has always known both that he risked being grabbed by the other and that he was capable right away of tricks to give his captors the slip. Of freeing himself from the image of his imitations—and limitations. He never answers to any of his images. At a glance, 7. Christian Bouchindhomme and Sylvette Gleize Paris, On occasion and as necessary he othermes himself as a she.

A few marks of the feminine here or there, a change of voice, and there he is saved from the jails of the phallogocentric Empire. How the head centre got away, authentic version Got up as a young bride, man, veil orangeblossoms, drove out the road to Malahide. Well, precisely, he will always be extremely unbelievable. I just called him poem. Bennington Chicago, , p. Illegibility remains a promise, the forecast of riches, incitement to a path; it does not repel, it appeals.

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Alles doppelt [Quoted in B, p. A fabulously economic staging of solitudes. God is in the beat of the poem.