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Quoting from an article in Tele star , [24] dating from 15 March she said: Throughout the first half of the sixteenth century, stories that commented on contemporary mores known as nouvelles became increasingly popular. Jeanne Flore's Comptes amoureux, ostensibly written by a woman for women, recounts the disasters that befall those who refuse their lovers; it is now considered a collective work, making the author's female name a kind of marketing tool. Marguerite de Navarre herself was depicted in many contemporary accounts as surrounded by literate and cultured women who would pass books between themselves.

Marie de Gournay wrote moral essays herself alongside treatises, polemic, a novella, and poetry. The Le Proumenoir de Monsieurde Montaigne is a violent, fantastical story which already contains the germ of fierce polemic that Gournay made her own. The vogue for prose narrative in the Renaissance derives from some established and some imported forms of literature that are not dissimilar in nature. Established forms included primarily the prose romance, a late-medieval expansion and rendering into prose of earlier chivalric epic.

The prime example among early works is Helisenne de Crenne's Les Angoysses douloureuses qui procedent d'amours, which makes use of the roman de chevalerie in its second and third parts, but critical attention is usually concentrated on the tesmoignage that comprises the first part of the work.

Rabelais's own experiments with prose narrative stretch over a period of twenty years. The nature of his relationship to the roman de chevalerie is visible in Gargantua and Pantagruel, where the broad division into enfances, epreuves and prouesses in both books mirrors the development and growth of the chivalric hero, recognizable from medieval models. Editions Mondiales, — Adam de la Halle ,.

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Version anglais. While France is getting ready to vote in the second run and is rethinking the mounting or further ascent of the far right and the National Front- which guides us back to the theme of Fascism, the cultural events in Paris try to remind everyone of the most painful consequences of Fascism exemplified by Holocaust.

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I have a greater problem yet not to observe the fact that Le Pen has almost equalized her votes with Macron in the voting boxes of today. That is, how it was possible that these victims allowed to be systematically squashed by the boots of Fascism and suffer the genocide involving the millions of people?

We have all experienced hopelessness to be able to change anything in the governing system, we have experienced all the absence of desire to vote for ANY presidential candidate as we did not see that the voting could improve the current situation—all of us who did not vote this time in France have felt this sentiment as we decided to walk quietly into a certain ideological concentration lager. Hannah Arendt, in fact, did not pay so much attention to the personality of Eichmann in her book- this Nazi officer, much like Klaus Barbie, was arrested almost accidentally in Buenos Aires in The only time he admitted his error in court was when he mentioned the telephone conversation which he had with Franz Rademacher, a man from the German Ministry of the Foreign Affairs.

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I started reflecting about it the day when I was invited to Matignon, to a special conference held by the former minister of French foreign affairs, Hubert Vedrine, which he was giving to a group of the French, Serbian, Macedonian and Albanian journalists. And now we have a new presidential campaign here and a candidate who comes from the National Front League, Marin Le Pen.

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And that his desire to command and give orders to the inferiors as well as his need to receive orders from his superiors, a sort of sign of a lucid but deeply troubled, bipolar personality. Lipstadt is somewhat like Arendt, puts herself on trial — in order to prove that banality is never banal enough to be neglected in court, as Lipstadt, a historian and a human rights activist hopelessly tries to deny the existence of those evil and not so banal social groups paid to believe that the gas chambers had never existed in Auschwitz — or anywhere else, during the World War II.

Once he was invited to play his music to an elite corps of German SS officers, Reinhardt even decided to do it: he was promised a free leave and an escape for his tribe. Is this a reference to the European union and its broken stability in ? Published on. Mais tant mieux! Impossible pour elle de trouver une. Mais aussi, quel heureux hasard pour toi. Pour son analyse multiculturelle, Shayegan commence par la signification de termes tels que culture et assimilation culturelle.

Today, after the bombing of the Shiite Mosque in Saudi Arabia by Al Qaida—the questions of meaning and belonging and faith become ever more pertinent in the Islamic world. Oliai, Iranian philosopher and specialist in Heidegger studies, living in the U. Her interests are shared by her compatriots, the visual artists and filmmakers Shirin Neshat and Marjane Satrapi. My work here attempts to clarify some relevant aspects of the Persian contemporary cultural heritage.

It seems that the real story of the modern and contemporary culture arts and letters in Iran starts somewhere in the second decade of the 20 th century, more precisely in when Reza Khan took over the royal throne from the ancient Ahmad Shah of the Kadjar dynasty.

The Kadjars previously ruled the lands of Iran for more than years, and the newly established Pahlavi dynasty remained in power for only 50 years, until April 1, when, by the revolutionary movement, the Islamic Republic took over. This dark figure of the Persian letters, who would point out the taboos of the Iranian society of his times, was also a supreme ethnographer of the ancient Persian customs and a satirist worthy of the meditations of Omar Khayyam, and who suffered in exile to the point of committing suicide in Hedayat constantly reminds us that the past is there just to explain the Vacuity of the present moment and perhaps the only means of bringing us the im possibility of the Future.

The Iranian specialist, Flandin arrives at an altar in a graveyard site of Naqsh-e Rostam, where the image of Ahura Mazda, the Zoroastrian principal God of fire, is represented at the very entrance of the cave where the ancient Iranian royalty were buried. In the free air there, they were prostrating in front of the ancient sanctuary paying homage to fire. And then, in the words of the French archeologist Hedayat says it all —the whole history of Iran from its beginnings through the Arab and Moghul conquests:.

This type of the society was visible in Iran during the Sassanid empire, but with the Arab conquest and the establishment of the first caliphate, the traces of Buddhism and its offshoot, Zoroastrism, have vanished in Iran. However, some of it still remained in the 8 th century, notably with the Barmecide family and its illustrious representative, Rouzbehan Barmaki, who ruled Khorassan in the disguise of a Muslem ruler, but who, in fact, was the keeper of the biggest Iranian Buddhist temple, Nowbahar. At that time, the caliph Haroun al Rachid, who grew up with a Barmecide and gave this noble Buddhist family almost open hands to rule his Muslim kingdom, had slowly started understanding that he was being finely manipulated by the Barmecide veizirs.

Thus he decides to liquidate the Barmecides and also all other sects including the Manicheans, the Zoroastrians and the Mazdaists. Rouzbehan, the mayor of Khorassan and a keeper of the Buddhist gate, lives in a palace which is a living Buddhist temple and where he meditates every night contemplating the essence, or rather, absence, of every desire.