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Whenever he or many of our other attorneys needs to know the rule for something, he calls me and I can inform him instantly.

Random thoughts, musings and assorted nonsense.

Number 1 would have to be do NOT treat me like an idiot or a piece of furniture. When you bring someone around the office, if you are introducing them to the other attorneys, introduce them to the secretaries, too. Especially if they are a client, as we are probably going to have to have a good bit of contact with them as well. We are here to assist you, not to be your punching bag or doormat. All we ask is to be treated with the same amount of respect and consideration that you expect from us.

Posted in Life In General. Deal with it. One of our upper echelon attorneys recently went on a business trip. This is a report on her recent adventure identifying information changed to protect my ass :. In an effort to maximize my family time and save my client some money I hope you are smiling [client] , I decided to make my mediation in Missouri a day trip. I woke up this morning at a. The flight was a pleasant one. I watched the sunrise over Illinois and we were ten minutes ahead of schedule, not that it mattered since I was early for the mediation anyway.

Louis looking for a coffee shop. While I seem to be tripping over a Starbucks no matter where I go, there was none to be located.

I ended up eating a way overpriced breakfast buffet yuck at a beyond crappy hotel. Ultimately, discussions broke down and I headed to the airport. I got to the airport early so I had a soda at a restaurant near the gate. It was too early for dinner. When I looked up, I saw a line of 15 people trying to get a seat at the restaurant. Since my plane was boarding in a few minutes, I left to let someone else sit down.

When I arrived at my gate, the board indicated the plane was delayed from to I am now regretting giving up my seat at the restaurant. I resist. Besides, I should be home by and could have a healthy meal at home. The plane finally arrives at I ask to see the regulations.

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What is a little fog??? While I love both cities, I really do not want to visit either one tonight.

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False alarm. For some reason, there is confusion as to whether there is or is not fog in [home city]. We are back in a holding pattern. Hello captain. We have now been circling for more than 70 minutes I bill by the hour, I know these things.

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Which is it going to be? We will be fine. Please let us off this overheated plane. Excuse me, of course I did not answer, I have been held hostage on a plane for the last 3 hours. Then, this thought is still lingering: " do I really want BBC to show this to rest of the world?

Of course not Nowhere in any of our ancient books is woman portrayed this way or treated this way but, somewhere over generations and generations, the interpretation of our great heritage and culture has been lost in translation and things got messed up to put it in simple terms too many reasons for why and how this happened and is a topic for a different post. While, I cannot control that aspect, I started thinking what is it that I want for my girls in India to learn from it?.

What is it that I want to teach them? I think I want to raise my girls equal to boys. I want to tell them they are no way inferior to boys in dreaming high and chasing their dreams and nobody can say they cannot do it because they are girls. I want to tell them to fight for what is truly theirs, their right to work, their right to be educated, their right to make choices and even their right to travel by public transport at 9 PM I also want them to continue to fight until our Govt truly enforces quick justice in a way such that the perpetrators of any crime not just rape think twice before they commit the offense But, I also want to tell them to use common sense and caution while exercising their rights, after all to continue the fight and claim their rightful space in this world, they have to be alive and kicking and not beaten and dead.

I will also tell them that they need to consider the realities of their surroundings I will also tell them that men are men anywhere in the world, it is not that Indian men descend from a different race or something, they all have the same kind of hormonal surges that can go haywire if not contained and controlled by some social conditioning that comes with raising them well and by the fear of the rule of law.

The difference in how the society treats the victims and the convicts is what makes them behave nonchalantly with a 'chalta hai' attitude here in India. So, running away from this country is not the solution, but exercising common sense and caution wherever you are while continuing to fight for equal rights and swift justice is what you can do as a girl in India today. Now, coming to the contentious question of whether the documentary should be aired or not.

My rants, raves and random thoughts

Well, it is not a straightforward answer in my mind because the audience needs to be with a certain maturity to take the right message out of it for a positive outcome. If we go out bashing India and Indian men for all that is messed up and let the media make a mockery out of the situation or politicize the whole situation just to get some TRP ratings or political mileage, then it means nothing and can actually be detrimental. So, hoping the documentary can trigger this thought process and introspection in some hopefully many individuals, it is better to air it than not.

So, to the girls in my life, let us not stop fighting for our fundamental rights but, let us also hope we can, at all times use our common sense and not get into situations that will leave us beaten. Labels: India Girls , Nirbhaya. Posted by vasantha at PM 11 comments Links to this post.

Labels: work-life balance. Tuesday, August 5, Remembering Mommy. There is not a day that goes by without remembering Mom for something she said or something she did. Among all the things, the thing that I will always hold close to my heart about Mom is how she, inspite of her health issues, put us Dad, Anita and me and our every single detail ahead of hers and strived to make life as normal or as beautiful for all of us around even when she was facing up a storm of pain or some other struggle internally.

She lived her life for us and almost made us feel confident that she will always be there to take care of us.

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Yes, like all the kids we took that for granted. She taught Anita and me what it means to be a family, how when you marry a person you marry a whole family, what it means to provide for children not just what they need to survive and grow up but,also what they need to grow up as good human beings, what it means to show children what they are capable of, etc etc.

On Aug 4th, when she left us it was clear that she was ready to go only when she was confident that we could take care of ourselves. Little did she know that, I was dependent on every phone call from her and every letter from her to feel safe, comforted and confident. Anyway, this note is not to brood over losing her but, to commemorate and remember all the wonderful things about her so we can share it with her grandchildren and selfishly for me for keepsake.

For me :. There was this one time mom came to drop me in the train station when I was going back to Warangal after holidays. I was in the train, dad went to buy a water bottle for me. The train started to move a bit. I cannot forget the anxiety in mom's eyes and she literally tried to hold onto to the window bars to stop the train so I can have the water bottle. I can never forget that look.. She knew what I was thinking or feeling just by looking at me. My loudest spokesperson ever. From Anita:. Sunday mornings in ammasandra, we would be sitting on the kitchen counter while she was cooking and she would tell us these stories that she made up to make it interesting for us.

The sparkle in her eyes when she was with Samhitha, Avinash and Abhiram From Chandu: We miss you aunty. You were always cheerful and kept everyone around you happy even through the tough times you went through. You set a good example for perseverance and enjoying simple things in life.

"Rants, Raves, and Other Random Thoughts..."

From Harini:. It was in college days.. She had this innocence about her that I didnt want to take advantage of. So I convinced her and very easily that too.

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  • I found her so trusting and simple minded. From Bapineedu Mavayya: She is just one of kind. We all truly miss her. She is always a part of conversation when we talk to our friends and children. From Ammaji Atta: Saranya atta and I used to spend most of our summer vacations with mom and dad. After dad left for work, we used to have so much fun talking and joking. Even now, we talk about it and laugh at her jokes. There were so many of those moments that are hard to recount. From Sammu It was all those weekends i spent with ammamma.

    Whenever i used to draw the smallest things, she used to get soo excited. I would never realise my talent if ammamma did not. She is my inspiration, my strength. I miss her more than anyone.