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Using a Lottery playslip, which you can find at any Lottery retailer, pick 5 numbers between 1 and 69 and 1 Power Number between 1 and You can play up to 10 consecutive draws on one playslip by marking the Advance Play box. Your ticket is your receipt. Once it prints, the play cannot be cancelled or refunded.

Know the draw times. Powerball draws take place Wednesdays and Saturdays at p. Draw entry closes at 7 p. Remember that Powerball has 9 winning ball combinations. The more numbers on your ticket that match the numbers drawn, the more you win. Lottery funds provide supplemental funding for California public education.

Get our mobile App and take the fun wherever you go. Win a prize by just matching the Powerball number, or hit it big by matching all 5 numbers, plus the Powerball number. Become part of the community. We are dedicated to maximizing supplemental funding for California public education.

Draws take place Wednesdays and Saturdays at p. No sales or ticket validations can take place from 7 p. Tickets sold after p. Each ticket has up to 10 plays printed on it. This is the current cash value of the annuity prize and is paid out in a single cash payment instead of annuity installments. You must select this option within 60 days after the Lottery authorizes payment. Bring your winning ticket and a completed Claim Form to a District Office.

You have days from the date of the draw to claim your Powerball prize. Ninety-five cents of every player dollar goes back to the community through contributions to public schools and colleges, prizes and retail compensation. See how Lottery funds are making a difference by visiting the Who Benefits page. Your winning ticket must be redeemed in the state where it was purchased. Draw Games.

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Powerball Game Card. Believe in Something Bigger! How to claim your prize Congrats on your win! Claim a Prize.

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Just a few decades ago, more than 90 percent of year-olds earned more than their parents had earned at the same age. What happened — and what can be done about it? And what if deliberate practice is the secret to excellence? Those are the claims of the research psychologist Anders Ericsson, who has been studying the science of expertise for decades.

So what happens if you eliminate tipping, raise menu prices, and redistribute the wealth? New York restaurant maverick Danny Meyer is about to find out. How to avoid it? The first step is to admit just how fallible we all are. But after a series of early victories — and a helpful executive order from President Obama — they are well on their way. One recent MRI study sheds some light, finding that a certain kind of storytelling stimulates enormous activity across broad swaths of the brain.

The takeaway is obvious: you should be listening to even more podcasts. It facilitates crime, bribery, and tax evasion — and yet some governments including ours are printing more cash than ever. Other countries, meanwhile, are ditching cash entirely. Presidency Become a Dictatorship?

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Sure, we all pay lip service to the Madisonian system of checks and balances. But as one legal scholar argues, presidents have been running roughshod over the system for decades.

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The result? How worried should we be? Yes, robots will probably take your job — but the future will still be pretty great. So what if a patient could forego the standard treatment and get a cash rebate instead? Standing in line represents a particularly sloppy — and frustrating — way for supply and demand to meet. Does this make sense — and is it legal? Which electoral and political ideas should be killed off to make way for a saner system? Overt discrimination in the labor markets may be on the wane, but women are still subtly penalized by all sorts of societal conventions.

How can those penalties be removed without burning down the house?

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But how much control do we truly have? How many of our decisions are really being made by Google and Facebook and Apple? Could this be what modern politics is supposed to look like? Freakonomics Radio digs through the numbers and finds all kinds of surprises. Rebroadcast The U. We look at what the data have to say about measuring leadership, and its impact on the economy and the country.

Rebroadcast There are all kinds of civics-class answers to that question. But how true are they? There are now dozens of online rivals too. Why are there so many stores selling something we buy so rarely? It was a sign of changing economics — and that other impossible, wonderful events might be lurking just around the corner.

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Bizarre physical activities? Working less and earning more? And even those jobs may be obliterated by new technologies. It may finally be time for an idea that economists have promoted for decades: a guaranteed basic income. Critics — including President Obama — say short-term, high-interest loans are predatory, trapping borrowers in a cycle of debt. But some economists see them as a useful financial instrument for people who need them. Now all we have to do is teach everyone to sleep better.

The only problem, argues the economist Robert Gordon, is that the Second Industrial Revolution was a one-time event. Senator from New Jersey thinks bipartisanship is right around the corner.

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Is he just an idealistic newbie or does he see a way forward that everyone else has missed? Why on earth should anyone pay good money for something that can be had for free? Here are a few reasons. In any case, what can the pencil teach us about our global interdependence — and the proper role of government in the economy? The digital age is making pen and paper seem obsolete. But what are we giving up if we give up on handwriting?

But a program run out of a Toronto housing project has had great success in turning around kids who were headed for trouble. Rebroadcast If U. So what should be done about it? Almost anyone can launch a boycott, and the media loves to cover them. Also, they tend to be deeply unscientific. The psychologist Philip Tetlock is finally turning prediction into a science — and now even you could become a superforecaster.

If only it were that easy. They have a different view of how those billions of dollars should be spent. The argument for open borders is compelling — and deeply problematic. Probably not.

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  4. In our collective zeal to reform schools and close the achievement gap, we may have lost sight of where most learning really happens — at home. On the menu: A kitchen wizard and a nutrition detective talk about the perfect hamburger, getting the most out of garlic, and why you should use vodka in just about everything. Researchers are trying to figure out who gets bored — and why — and what it means for ourselves and the economy. But should she? As it turns out, she can be pretty adamant in that realm as well.