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Sperling ed , Handbook of governance and security , Cheltenham, U. Chapter 13, 'South Asia' in J. India in a globalized world , Manchester: Manchester University Press, Find out more here OK.

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Career overview Sagarika has taught in undergraduate colleges in India in the past, including Sophia College and Elphinstone College, Mumbai. External activity Collaboration with academics at other US, UK and Indian universities mainly for research and publication. Routledge contemporary South Asia series ; Ramana and J. Energy policy -- India.

Routledge Contemporary South Asia Series

Energy development -- India. Using the Rana Plaza disaster as a departure point, Set in the context of the processes and practices of human reproduction and reproductive health in Northern India, this book examines the institutional exercise of power by the state, caste and kin groups. This book offers an in-depth analysis of the interrelationship between long-standing caste discrimination in Nepal, its vicious circle of impact upon the Dalit groups and the changes brought by the recent political transformations.

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It explores the links between identity politics, Dalit struggle and Decades of conflict and war have forced millions of men, women and children to flee from their homes and seek refuge in other parts of the country or in foreign lands - Afghanistan is one such country. This book is a study of the displaced Afghan migrant population in India, in particular the The linguistic origin of the term Dalit is Marathi, and pre-dates the militant-intellectual Dalit Panthers movement of the s.

source It was not in popular use till the last quarter of the 20th century, the origin of the term Dalit, although in the s, it was used as Marathi-Hindi translation of the This upsurge is especially noticeable not only in the field of health education and promotion but also in academic sources. The recent discourse on sexual health is Indigenous sustainability and environmental management cannot be understood apart from a community, its traditions, and ways of practices.


Interest in Indigenous environmental sustainability has grown steadily in past years, reflecting traditional cultural perspectives about the environment and