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The Fallen Angels Instruct Humanity

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Holy Communion, according to Brown, is a concept that was taken from the Aztecs. But the fact is that Christianity antedates Aztec civilization by over years. The book maintains that Copernicus was murdered, yet the record shows he died of a stroke. It holds that Galileo was a pacifist, though there is no evidence that he ever was.

Brown takes a belief by Christian Scientists on the impropriety of medically treating a young person and falsely attributes it to Catholicism. He also falsely paints Catholics as opposed to the teaching of evolution, and identifies a Protestant organization, the Christian Coalition, as a Catholic entity.

So it is not surprising to learn that Brown paints Pope Pius IX as a penis-cleansing maniac who destroyed great works of art. So he got a chisel and mallet and hacked off the genitalia of every single male statue inside Vatican City. He was also known for renovating paintings in the Vatican. Teresa as too sexually explicit for the Vatican. He banished it to some obscure chapel across town. Teresa on her back in the throes of a toe-curling orgasm. For starters, in the sculpture, Teresa is not on her back-she is sitting up.

Indeed, Bernini was a favorite of all popes in his lifetime, and was bestowed with the Cross of the Order of Christ. Science has now provided answers to almost every question man can ask. These are the miracles we herald as proof that science will bring us the answers. God has become obsolete.

Science has won the battle. Evidently not. Here is Brown at his wackiest p. Behold science-the new God of endless miracles, omnipotent and benevolent! Ignore the weapons and the chaos. Science is here!

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Woods, Jr. But only in Europe did alchemy develop into chemistry. The Catholic role in pioneering astronomy is not questioned. What was it about Catholicism that made it so science-friendly, and why did science take root in Europe and not some place else? The natural world was thus understood to have a rational, lawful, stable structure, waiting indeed, inviting human comprehension. Brown exploits this ignorance to the hilt.

Angels and Demons Book Review

When he says on p. For instance, we know that the tides are explained by the gravitational forces of the moon. More important, what got Galileo into trouble was less his ideas than his arrogance: he made claims that he could not scientifically sustain. After all, Copernicus broached this idea before Galileo toyed with it, and like Galileo, he was also a Catholic.

The difference is that Copernicus was an honest scientist: he was content to state his ideas in the form of a hypothesis. Galileo refused to do so, even though he could not prove his hypothesis. If the Catholic Church was out to get Galileo from the get-go, then how does one explain why he was celebrated for his work in Rome in ? Why did Pope Paul V embrace him? Quite frankly, Galileo never got into trouble before he started insisting that the Copernican system was positively true.

When he first agreed to treat it as a hypothesis, or as a mathematical proposition, he suffered not a whit. This, of course, is not what Brown wants us to believe. Eight years later, Galileo wrote his Dialogue on the Great World Systems; he did so at the urging of the pope. But this time he made the leap of asserting that the Copernican theory was empirically true. Moreover, he presented himself as a theologian, not simply as a mathematician, as he agreed to do. The Church was not pleased, and indeed felt double-crossed by him.

The five deities are: 1 Baal; 2 Astarte; 3 the divine sun semes ; 4 the moon deity Yerah; and 5 Anat Baal's consort Hess The Israelites living during the First Temple period evidently believed in the existence of more than one god.

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In other words, they believed in a pantheon of gods. Some of the psalms give evidence of this:. God takes his place in the court of heaven. In the skies who is there like the LORD;. Like other Northwest Semitic peoples, the Israelites believed that there was a palace in heaven where a supreme deity lived with his wife and children. They were attended by a host of servants, some of whom had the task of communicating with human beings, keeping them informed about the plans and wishes of the supreme deity.

The story of Jacob's dream reflects something of this. He saw a staircase, with angels descending and ascending and, although, he did not receive a message via these angels but directly from Yahweh, it is evident that Yahweh is accompanied by angels Gen The story recounting how King Jehoshaphat consulted a number of prophets before he and Ahab, the King of Israel, launched an attack on Ramoth-gilead may also serve as an example. A prophet called Micaiah disagreed with the other prophets and warned the kings that an attack would lead to defeat.

King Ahab was not impressed by this prophecy and accused the prophet of never having a good word for him as king. Micaiah then narrated a vision he had seen. He said:. I saw the LORD seated on his throne, with all the host of heaven in attendance on his right and on his left. It was now up to the kings to decide whether they should follow this advice or that given by the other prophets. The Israelite divine pantheon was structured hierarchically, like all other pantheons. It had four tiers Smith The top tier was inhabited by the supreme god and his consort.

Below them were their children, often referred to as the "sons of God. The lowest level was the home of the messengers and roamers.

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The angels had two tasks: 1 to keep the supreme god informed about what was happening on earth, and 2 to share his plans and desires with humans on earth. Those who kept the supreme god informed may be called "roamers", while those who carried his messages may be called "dispatchers".

The supreme god was not omniscient, but, rather, was well informed by the angels roaming the earth. The angels who visited Abraham at the terebinth of Mamre, and later on, Lot at Sodom, may serve as examples of dispatchers Gen , 22; , None of the angels are mentioned by name during this period in Israel's history. This may be because they were regarded as the lower-ranking members of the pantheon. This eventually changed during the Second Temple period and, more specifically, the Hellenistic period Collins There are two other groups of heavenly beings which readers will encounter in their reading of the Old Testament: 1 the seraphim, and 2 the cherubim.

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They probably belonged in the third tier of the pantheon. The seraphim were snakelike gods with six wings Is ; ; , while the cherubim looked like winged lions. According to one tradition in the Old Testament, the cherubim guarded the entrance to the Garden of Eden which was located in the East Gen ; Ezek.