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The present edition uses the woodblocks of the edition, but adds the portrait of Boccaccio and the five larger illustrations. The edition appears to have influenced many later ones, with several editions in French translation appearing in that year. The present edition has numerous errors in the running heads indicating the day and the number of the story within that day and pagination.

Salviati's redaction remained the standard text into the 18th-century and was revived in the 19th. The title-page is worn and shows a faint water stain, one or two of the printed shoulder notes are very slightly shaved, and one or two leaves show a tiny marginal worm trail, but the book is generally in good condition. The binding is slightly rubbed, with some worm holes in the spine. A remarkable illustrated edition of Boccaccio's Decameron, showing a how a scholarly 16th-century editor cleverly navigated the troubled waters of Counter-Reformation censorship.

USTC For Salviati's redaction: D. Contains several mentions of Brassicanus's friend Erasmus as well as of Hutten, whose "Nemo" had inspired the present verses cf. Ellinger, Geschichte der nlat. Deutschlands im Slightly browned and fingerstained in margins; contemp. IA Benzing 51f. Burg Panzer VI, 90, Walter Not in Adams. EUR 5, In kleinster Auflage von Oktober oder Exemplaren November erschienen. Universal-Edition Wien-Leipzig, Nr. Wallfischgasse 10 — 28". Dies unterscheidet unsere Ausgabe von der von Seidel verzeichneten. BBB 1, Druck von From the collection of the Prussian civil servant Heinrich Stinnes , the brother of the industrialist and politician Hugo Stinnes, with his characteristic autograph ownership and acquisition note on the flyleaf.

Goedeke VI, 62, Mallon Borst In Canetti was honoured with the Nobel Prize in Literature.

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Provenance: from the estate of the Frankfurt lawyer Wilhelm A. Raabe Kubin EUR 70, The "Ibarra" edition of was described by Palau as "magnificent, superior in artistic beauty to all others produced in Spain or abroad"; Richard Ford declares that "no grand library should be without it". Younger brother of the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I, Maximilian was sent to Mexico at the tender age of 32 in order to provide a figurehead for the French invasion of that country begun in Dashing and charismatic, Maximilian would ride into battle in full Mexican regalia, with a large white sombrero, the Order of the Mexican Eagle around his neck, and two revolvers and a sabre.

The picture was completed by his frisky horse Orispelo and his very own 'Sancho Panza', his secretary Jose Luis Blasio, who rode a tame mule beside him.

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It is easy to see why modern historians often call the Viennese-born, self-proclaimed Emperor of Mexico a 'Quixotic' figure; even during Maximillian's lifetime one of his critics in French parliament, Jules Favre, mercilessly derided him as a 'veritable Don Quixote'. Such comparisons were undoubtedly justified; yet the romance of Maximilian's tragic misadventure in Mexico is only heightened by the physical evidence that he once owned a personal copy of Cervantes' great novel - in a spectacular and highly sought-after edition, no less.

To this day it remains a monument of Spanish printing, and a fitting tribute to what many regard as the first modern novel in the Hispanic tradition. Rebels under the command of Benito Juarez captured and shot the emperor on the 19th June Their sale in was one of the greatest of the 19th century - and perhaps the greatest sale of Spanish Americana of all time. Hubert Howe Bancroft was a strong buyer of early Mexican imprints at the sale; and thus many of Maximilian's books are today found in the Bancroft Library at Berkeley.

Another major spender was J. According to the results published later that year, the present volumes made 33 thalers - a very respectable sum, but by no means the highest price paid in those rooms. As the bookplates show, they soon made their way into the possession of the Belgian Minister of Finance, Laurent Veydt, who in presented them to his Prime Minister. We hope that the noble lineage of this set may be continued! Ebert "A masterpiece of typography". An exceptionally fine copy. Le Note furono aggiunte per opera di Antonfederico Seghezzi, aiutato anche dal 'p.

Caterino, fratello di Apostolo Zeno'. Il lavoro del Crescimbeni venne poi in gran parte rifuso nella 'Storia della volgar poesia' del p. Front pastedowns show engr. Inscribed to the writer and translator Catherine Mary Phillimore d. Vaughn Williams", dated 21 August Eitner III, Brunet, II, Graesse, II, The potential customer is made a reader before he has even opened the book cf. Fischer Verlag, Marbach cat. Insignificant edge flaws to the otherwise immaculate dustjacket. An uncommonly clean specimen from the estate of the Frankfurt lawyer Wilhelm A.

Huguet Schauer II, ill. Widmung und U.

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Rundenbasierende Strategie. Perma Death. Interaktive Geschichte. Twin Stick Shooter. Nur Maussteuerung. Arena Shooter.

Interkulturelle Erzählungen und KI: die 7. StoryDrive Konferenz in Peking - Auswärtiges Amt

Level Editor. Alternative Geschichte. Strategie - Echtzeit. Geteilter Bildschirm.

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