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Nearly three years and fights later I have no regrets but the road has not been easy. With no relatives who have boxed in the past and no children who were boxing in the present, my presence often caused confusion and questions. Slowly but surely, they began to accept me and realise that I was not going anywhere.

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That was a hard pill to swallow, considering I had scored from home, the first row, several rows back, or from the stands at live venues. I remember challenging the chief of officials on this subject and he bluntly told me I was wrong and would understand when I began judging. He was right. I cannot speak for fights that appear to be blatant robberies but I can speak for those fights that are too close to call.

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If the fight is remotely competitive and the two boxers are exchanging, the only people who can accurately score the fight are the judges — not the referee, not press row, not those sitting ringside and not those sitting at home. There are a number of judges around the ring three for pro fights, five for amateur fights for a reason: judges seated on various sides of the ring have the best vantage point for scoring rounds accurately.

I am constantly challenged on that statement, but I stand behind it firmly. When scoring a fight, a judge must consider three things :. Scoring a fight is said to be subjective, but the criteria does not leave much room for interpretation. Here are a few:.

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The force of a punch Sometimes a punch lands much harder than what is seen by those sitting ringside or at home. If a punch landed Sometimes it looks like a punch landed but in reality it came within inches or less. That happens. When fighters are in close or locked up, no one can see what punches land and count better than the judges — even then, only some of the judges can see depending on where the action is in the ring. Again, this is why there are three pro to five amateur judges.

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Even the best camera operator may not capture what is truly happening. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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This article is about the boxing punch. For other uses, see Counterpunch disambiguation. Boxer A's left jab is countered with Boxer B throwing a right straight punch to the head. Chancellor P Rogers,. Professional boxing Semi-professional boxing Olympic boxing Amateur boxing Women's boxing White-collar boxing Kickboxing.

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Maybe even a split decision or a majority decision. Boxing fans have been fed so much of the Pacquiao narrative leading up to this fight that both the odds and public opinion have been transformed to get behind the only eight-division champion in boxing history. Those fans, however, might be sleeping on Thurman because they just don't remember how dominant he was prior to his two-year layoff. I feel that after the initial feeling out period and Pacquiao's aggressive attempts to back up Thurman, although most likely employing a counterpunching strategy, I feel Thurman will be able to begin to time Pacquiao coming in.

I also think that we're not going to see a typical Thurman fight. I feel where going to see Thurman utilize some of the tactics Jeff Horn used to defeat Pacquiao just over two years ago in July Look for Thurman to not allow Pacquiao to get in a rhythm allowing him to utilize his trademark speed and use of angles.

Look for Thurman to push Pacquiao's head down while in a clinch, looking to out muscle Pacquiao and weaken the year-old legs of the Filipino senator.

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In addition, I'm counting on Thurman keeping that jab going in an effort to catch Pacquiao who can be prone to leading with his head. I'm going more with my gut in this bout by picking Thurman in a close fight—in addition to the possibility of a draw. If it's a draw, Pacquiao gets to fight again, possibly against the dangling carrot he's been chasing since in Floyd Mayweather Jr, possibly luring Mayweather out of retirement for one last fight.

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