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Poirot had better keep his eye on this one! For part one of Henry's saga see here.

Cold Climate Mysteries

The headline was horrific. Before a Bridgeport, Connecticut courtroom packed with " society folk ," the Daily News reported, " the wealthy and socially prominent Aline Stumer von Rhau " testified before Superior Court judge Arthur F. Ells that the " six years of her married life were marked by one long series of beatings, featured by an occasion when her husband devoted an hour and a half to punching and kicking her. Once the story got into the nasty nuts and bolts of the case, things did not seem to get any better for Henry's cause. Miss Messmore told of being on a visit to the couple's summer estate at Fairfield, Connecticut when she saw the Major stride into the house, elegantly clad in his riding habit, and kick Aline.

Another newspaper account, in the Scranton Times Tribune , rather less formally quotes Miss Fiske's testimony on this point as follows: "He cried: 'You lousy so-and-so, haven't you two got anything to do but play backgammon all afternoon?

And he punched her on the jaw and said to get out of there. She contended that Henry had conspired with one of his friends, Thomas McHugh, to frame her for infidelity, giving von Rhau an excuse for administering to her the worst beating that she ever received from his hands. According to Aline, on the night in question she had been on her way to have dinner with her GBF Claude Kendall, publisher of the first book written by her husband and the two novels of Kendall's and von Rhau's friend Willoughby Sharp , when she received a phone call from McHugh inviting them to have cocktails at his apartment before dinner.

No sooner had he left than von Rhau entered the room and locked the door, announcing fiercely to Aline, " Now, I am going to kill you. She spent the next month recovering in bed. To top off this tale of wanton masculine viciousness, Aline added that during their marriage she had essentially "kept" her spouse, supplying Henry with four saddle horses, a valet and a car, paying all the household expenses and advancing him money so he could continue writing.

Additionally and rather humiliatingly , Aline had even born the cost of her three-week honeymoon trip to Bermuda with Henry, even to the extent of picking up the tab for the travel fare of the freeloading Thornton Wallace "Wally" Orr, " Manhattan clubman and crony of the Major's, who made the voyage with them. Aline found three a crowd on her honeymoon in Bermuda, when Henry's best man tagged along Of course the defense did not allow Aline's parade of horribles to go unchallenged. Henry's attorney demanded of Aline to know why she had married von Rhau when she knew that he was a man of " nervous and irritable " temper, to which Aline invoked the power of a woman's true love, replying, " I thought if I married him and gave him a good home, which he had never had, it would cure him.

For his part, Henry emphatically denied that he had ever beaten Aline. One newspaper reported that the former bit part actor " presented a picture of abject humility on the stand. I'm sorry I did. Aline remained " the loveliest girl I have met, " he declared on the stand, bringing tear's to his wife's eyes. Impressed with von Rhau's testimony that " his one idea in life was to become reconciled with his wife, " Judge Ells " summoned the couple to his chambers, excluding even lawyers, and sought to bring them together.

Such was granted a week later, Judge Ells having determined that " intolerable cruelty was proved by a fair preponderance of the evidence.

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Perhaps Judge Ells heart was gladdened when, just a few weeks after he granted the divorce, Aline and Henry remarried. The next year Aline gave birth to the couple's second child, a daughter named Cynthia, on November A month later the von Rhau hosted a Christmas Eve " cocktail party for intimate friends. In February , the couple departed on an eighteen day cruise to South America.

Their doings were frequently detailed in newspaper society pages. Soubrette, by Alexander Mann In LA the couple was frequently accompanied by Henry's playwright pal John Colton, in keeping with Henry's habit of having a stag male friend tag along with him and Aline.

Miss Henry Cozy Mystery Series by Melanie Jackson

In June Henry and Aline attended a buffet supper dance in costume. One imagines the couple enjoyed a lively fantasy life. John Colton was present as well, though sadly no information was provided about the costume he wore. Aline and Henry made news as well when they appeared separately. In August Aline attended a " Bavarian party " questionable taste, perhaps, in , where famed soprano Rosa Ponselle " sang Strauss waltzes divinely, " and attended a performance of John Colton's new stage comedy, She Tripped up the Queen.


In September Henry along with John Colton attended a dinner party given by screenwriter and composer Sam Hoffenstein and his wife Edith in honor of Chester Alan Arthur III aka Gavin Arthur , grandson of the American president of the same name and a future pioneering gay rights activist. Each book takes place in a different It features clever, young Miss Juliette Abbott as amateur sleuth.

Meanwhile, she assists others in locating their family members. It features Lady Emily.

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Emily is a young and beautiful widow. Emily discovers foul play when her husband dies on an African hunting expedition. The late Philip, Viscount Ashton, had a It features Leonardo da Vinci and his assistant Dino in 14th century Italy. Susanna Calkins writes the Lucy Campion Mystery series which started in April and takes place in seventeenth-century England. It features English chambermaid Lucy Campion who is serving in the household of the local magistrate.

How many of these books set in New England have you read?

Mystery and murder combine with seventeenth England in this Skip to main content. Go Cozy Mystery Crazy! View by Category. View by Occupation. View by State. Latest Book Releases. New Releases. At a Glance. Manage Your Books. Below you'll find cozy mystery series that have a historical theme. Please feel free to suggest a series that we may have missed. A Special Pennyfoot Hotel Mystery. Abigail Adams Mystery Series. Algonquin Round Table Mystery Series. Amory Ames Mystery Series. Bess Crawford Mystery Series. Charles Todd is the writing team of Charles and Caroline Todd-- a mother and son writing team who live on the east coast of the United States.

Bess Ellyott Mystery Series. Cattarina Mystery Series. Monica Shaughnessy writes the Cattarina Mystery series which started in and is set in Philadelphia in the s. Charles Lenox Series. Christmas Mystery Series. Daisy Dalrymple Mystery Series. Dandy Gilver Mystery Series. Intended for the use of 3 pl. Thomas, Part second.

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Alexander James Waddell, d. Forty Boston, Roberts brothers, Bos- the notes, a memoir of his life. Edited by ton, Loring, Alcott William A. The physiology of 2 v. Containing information to the trait. New York, C.

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Scribner, By Alexander Patrick Proctor. Mill and Cara physician of many years' experience lyle. An examination of J. With an occasional discourse on Sauerteig, Piper 8F co. The young husband; or, duties of man iv, pp.

Nimmo, in the marriage relation. Boston, C. Strong, Le tragedi. Ediione Alfieri Vittorio. Le tragedie. Edizione The young wife; or, duties of woman The young wife or, duties of woman senza errori, con tavole in rame. Italie, [abo nt ]. Maria Stuarda. La congiura de' Pazzi. Don Garzia. Peirce, Alger Horatio, jr. Luck and pluck series.