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And despite being considered a federal crime in the United States in and outlawed by the Mormon Church, there is still around 25, Americans who are currently in a relationship with several partners, though these unions are not recognized and supported by the law. Nowadays, only a few countries have laws against having more than one partner at the same time. This makes a lot of people wonder what are its pros and codes.

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It gives people freedom of choice. Laws that support polygamous unions should give people a chance to choose what makes them happy, especially when it comes to marrying whom they love. Women will still be able to choose their partners and not forced into such kind of relationship.

It offers the husband more prestige. Men who are into polygamous unions should have more than enough income to support his wives and children, this means they will have economic stability and a good reputation in the community. He will also have more options when it comes to sexual companionship, which makes him the envy of his peers. It provides a better support system. Because polygamous families will have more wives and more children, members will always have someone to talk to. They will have a shoulder to cry on, someone who they can relate to and a confidant.

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This eliminates the risk of depression among the members, especially the children. Similarly, when it comes to doing chores, there will be more hands to help around the house. Tasks will be split among members, lowering stress at home. It guarantees financial stability. Wives and grown children can earn money by working outside the house.

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The household will then have more income, which can be shared by everyone. It has an abundance of love.

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  7. It prevents adultery. Because all spouses will have consent, then there is no extra-marital to hide from your partner.

    It's time to reconsider polygamy

    Outside the Capitol, polygamy supporters said the law criminalizing a relationship between consenting adults keeps anyone witnessing crimes like fraud or abuse from speaking out. Prosecutors say they generally leave polygamists alone but need to keep the ban to pursue polygamists for other crimes.

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    Only 10 people have been charged with violating the law between and It would also shield from prosecution anyone who leaves a polygamous relationship because they feared coercion, bodily harm, are underage or trying to protect a minor in a plural family. The bill was approved by a House committee this week and awaits a vote by the full House of Representatives. Court documents show there are about 30, polygamists in Utah.

    They believe polygamy brings exaltation in heaven — a legacy of the early Mormon church.

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    The mainstream Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints abandoned the practice in and now strictly forbids it. Brenda Nicholson, a former member of a sect led by Warren Jeffs on the Utah-Arizona border, said polygamy is not just a relationship involving consenting adults.

    Jeffs now is serving a life sentence in Texas after being convicted of sexually assaulting girls he considered wives. Twenty minutes is so fast that there was something about this that felt like automatic writing. I wrote three pieces this way, and each of them ended up becoming much longer stories. Paul and Popsicle were one of these writing exercises. And marriages are great fun to write about as well. But of course this is a divorce story. I had the title pretty quickly.

    And the idea of the marriage counselor. My dad is a psychologist.

    He has a pretty strange sense of humor. It always feels as if there are things going on just out of the corner of your eye.

    Beginning Your Family History

    Rides disappearing into dark corridors. People screaming. There are crowds and crowds of people and yet you can see how quickly things would fall apart if a theme park were abandoned. KL: I guess I was thinking of the stupid things people do to prove how much they love someone. The way that loving someone can turn into something like performance art.