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Please create a new list with a new name; move some items to a new or existing list; or delete some items. A modern panarion : a collection of fugitive fragments. A Modern Panarion : a collection of fugitive fragments from the pen of H. A Modern Panarion : a collection of fugitive fragments. A modern Panarion: a collection of fugitive fragments. It should also be noted that almost all of the articles written by H. The original titles have been deleted and new titles "invented".

In summary, a careful survey of this volume shows that G. Mead definitely edited H. He deleted parts of H. In fact, there are hundreds of such changes, deletions, etc. In light of the above findings, it is unfortunate that the Theosophy Company whose mission has been in part "to make available to students authentic reproductions [1] of all the Theosophical writings of H. Blavatsky" would decide to reprint, promote and sell A Modern Panarion.

Theosophy | The O.U.L.

It is regrettable that, prior to the reprinting of this volume, the Theosophy Company publications committee did not take the time and effort to go to the original articles of H. Just a few hours of comparison should have alerted the T. I would hope that the current officials of the Theosophy Company might seriously reconsider their position in promoting and selling a volume of H.

Very clever! All protestations of innocence or explanations sent in by Mr. Holmes, written or verbal, are peremptorily refused publication by the press. No respectable paper dares takes upon itself the responsibility of such an unpopular cause. The public feel triumphant; the clergy, forgetting in the excitement of their victory the Brooklyn scandal, rub their hands and chuckle; a certain exposer of materialized spirits and mind-reading, like some monstrous anti-spiritual mitrailleuse shoots forth a volley of missiles, and sends a condoling letter to Mr.

Owen; Spiritualists, crestfallen, ridiculed and defeated, feel crushed for ever under the pretended exposure and that overwhelming, pseudonymous evidence.

Modern Panarion a Collection of Fugitive Fragments from the Pen of H. P. Blavatsky

The day of Waterloo has come for us, and sweeping away the last remnants of the defeated army, it remains for us to ring our own death-knell. Spirits, beware! Is the scraping off of a barnacle the destruction of a ship? But, moreover, we are not sufficiently furnished with any plausible proofs at all. Colonel Olcott is here and has begun investigations. His first tests with Mrs. Holmes alone, for Mr. Holmes is lying sick at Vineland, have proved satisfactory enough, in his eyes, to induce Mr.

He began by tying Mrs. Holmes up in a bag, the string drawn tightly round her neck, knotted and sealed in the presence of Mr.

Modern Panarion a Collection of Fugitive Fragments from the Pen of H. P. Blavatsky

Owen, Col. Olcott and a third gentleman. After that the medium was placed in the empty cabinet, which was rolled away into the middle of the room, and it was made a perfect impossibility for her to use her hands. The door being closed, hands appeared in the aperture, then the outlines of a face came, which gradually formed into the classical head of John King, turban, beard and all. He kindly allowed the investigators to stroke his beard, touch his warm face, and patted their hands with his.

Holmes, with many tears of gratitude in the presence of the three gentlemen, assured Mr. Owen most solemnly that she had spoken many a time to Dr. Holmes—wanted Mr. Child to settle with her. But the most perplexing fact of this most perplexing imbroglio is that Mr. Owen, by his Own confession to me, has never, not even on the day of the exposure, seen Mrs.

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White, or talked to her, or had other wise the least chance to scan her features close enough for him to identify her. He caught a glimpse of her general outline but once, viz. Owen adds that he is not prepared to swear to the identity of Mrs. White and Katie King. May I he allowed to enquire as to the necessity of such a profound. It seems to me that the said exposure would have been far more satisfactory if conducted otherwise.

Why not give the fairest chance to R. Owen, the party who has suffered the most on account of this disgusting swindle—if swindle there is—to compare Mrs. White with his Katie? A lie may be easy enough for a smooth tongue, but no pug nose can lie itself into a classical one. Child begged the spirit to let him see her tongue did the honour-able doctor want to compare it with Mrs. Now there are some wicked, slandering gossips, who happen to have cultivated most intimately Mrs.

Why not show her teeth at once to the said admirer, and so shame the slanderers? The above fact, trifling as it may seem at first sight, would be considered as a very important one by any intelligent juryman in a question of personal identification. Beard would say, he subjected again to such an extra strain on their blind faith? We should say that that was just the proper time to come out and prove to them what was the nature of the mental aberration they were labouring under for so many months.

Well, if they do swallow this new veiled proof they are welcome to it. Vulgus vult decipi decipiatur! But I expect something more substantial before submitting in guilty silence to be laughed at. As it is, the case stands thus:. If the press and several of the most celebrated victims of the fraud are under bond of secrecy with him, I am. Leslie had wrested from Mrs.

Now comes a new conundrum. On the evenings of Dec. Child chief manager of those performances, from whom I got on the same morning an admission card , together with twenty more witnesses, saw the spirit of Katie step out of the cabinet twice, in full form and beauty, and I can swear in any court of justice that she did not bear the least resemblance to Mrs. Roberts and fifteen others, among whom was Mr.

Clarke, a reporter for The Daily Graphic, for I happened to be out of town, though, if this fact is demonstrated, it will go far against Mrs. Something still more worthy of consideration is found in the.

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  8. Owen, Dr. Robert Dale Owen stared at him in amazement, and all the three looked greatly perplexed. It would be worse than useless to offer or accept the poor excuse that the confession of the woman White, her exposure of the fraud, the delivery to Mr.

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    Leslie of all her dresses and presents received by her in the name of Katie King, the disclosure of the sad news by this devoted gentleman to Mr. Child at least, if not Mr. White several days beforehand. Knowing then of the fraud, how could Mr. But no such thing occurred.