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They graduated from Stanford University with a degree in comparative studies in race and ethnicity and hold an MFA in fiction writing from the Michener Center for Writers. Though originally from the United States, they currently live in Cambridge, England, with their family. The Deep is their second book. In one tiny part of one of the new bubbles emerging from the bubble that is our particular universe, there is a place and time where you might exist and I might exist where I have a daughter named Janine. Perhaps, in that tiny bubble, I may have been lucky with sports and found some success.

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Water looks the same everywhere. Midday here is like dawn on Earth in the middle of the Kalahari. Light shines through the transparent panelling of the pressurised geodesic dome that prevents the water boiling straight into vapour. Hello Senator. Thank you for returning my call. Yes, I did say in my message that this is a matter of life-or-death. It is. Oh, no—you misunderstand, sir.

The life of your unborn child, in fact. First, congratulations are in order. I understand that Julia Banks, your former intern, informed you that she is pregnant. I believe that was just over a month ago. It was a total nightmare.

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  7. Anna, her boss, was mad at her for leaving dirty dishes in the kitchen again. In the very heart of winter, the forest holds its breath. Frozen earth sleeps without dreaming; brittle sunlight breaks and scatters in gasps between the trees.


    The girl walks through the woods, boots crunching the crusted snow. There is always such a girl, walking alone. Little footprints point the way back to a clutch of hovels; she peers half-dazzled through shadow and snow-flash. A basket hangs dispiritedly from her arm. Sausage end.

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    Hardened loaf. The creeping doubt in spring itself. All winter, the sisters make their beds in fruits. Ingrid sleeps in a pomegranate, Yasmin in a persimmon. The flesh conforms to their flesh. Mornings they emerge sticky, and Yasmin, the smaller one, coats her legs in a lotion of persimmon pulp. A powerful voice in fantasy and science fiction for nearly 20 years, Jamaican-born Nalo Hopkinson should be on every sci-fi lovers reading list, if not for her incredible storytelling than for the brilliant social commentary she weaves throughout each of her works.

    Brimming with themes of feminism, race, class, and sexuality, Hopkinson's novels and short stories use art to tackle real and important issues in a way that changes each reader who interacts with them profoundly. An inspirational author who hasn't let illness, poverty, or even homelessness stop her from achieving, its about time you started your own private library of Hopkinson's work.

    A truly genre-bending author, Lauren Beukes has written about everything from time-traveling serial-kilers The Shining Girls to a cyberpunk dystopian future Moxyland. An innovative author of sci--fi, literary fiction, urban fantasy, nonfiction, and even more, Beukes is one writer you'll never get bored with. If you're looking for something on the edge of the genre, look no further. For your TBR pile: Moxyland. A writer, aid worker, humanitarian, and PhD candidate, there isn't much Malka Older can't do, including pen a phenomenal work of science fiction.

    Though her works of short fiction frequently appear at Leveler, Tor. The first in a political sci-fi series that has already garnered her such high praise as "one of the greatest literary debuts in recent history," according to The Huffington Post , Infomocracy is set to be just the beginning of a bright future for Older. For your TBR pile: Infomocracy. A talented writer of fantasy, speculative fiction, and sci-fi, N. Jemisin has received several nominations and awards her work over the last decade, but in , she became the first black author to win the Hugo Award for Best Novel.

    Her latest series, The Broken Earth, brilliantly combines elements of fantasy and sci-fi to create a post-apocalyptic world you won't be able to forget. Bestselling author of the Newsflesh and Parasitology series, Mira Grant — also known as Seanan McGuire when writing fantasy — has been nominated for the Hugo Awards not one, not twice, but three times.

    An ambitious author whose work covers everything from genetic engineering to political corruption to zombies, Grant is a sci-fi writer to keep watching.

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    With any luck, she is no where near done telling her stories. Clarke Award-winner, the author of the Imperial Radch series needs to be on your reading radar, if she isn't already. A former waitress, receptionist, rodman, and recording engineer, Leckie, who now writes full-time, finally found her calling in creating a truly classic sci-fi space opera featuring everything readers love: action, adventure, space travel, unforgettable characters, and an incredible story.

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    A brilliant new voice in YA fiction, Aditi Khorana made her mark on the sci-fi map with her debut, Mirror in the Sky. An inventive story about a young girl struggling to belong at her prep school who discovers, along with the rest of the world, that there is an alternative Earth in space communicating with them from light years away, Mirror in the Sky is a diverse tale unlike anything you've read in the genre for a while. Keep an eye out forKhorana's next work, because with any luck, we haven't seen the last of this modern sci-fi genius. Nnedi Okorafor. Malinda Lo. Nalo Hopkinson.